V is for “Vacation Regularly”


Vacation! Vacation! Vacation!

Time can fly by with full time jobs, a house full of kids, and other daily responsibilities.  Before you know it months, even years can fly by before you realize that the furthest vacation you’ve taken with your wife was that family outing to the amusement park when you stayed out ‘extra late’ and didn’t get to bed till eleven!

That being said, it may have been so long that we may have a bit of a skewed view of what a vacation really looks like.  So here are a few fun Q and A’s about what a vacation really is:

Q. We can’t afford to vacation to the the Bahamas or anything like that.  Does camping locally count?

A. No, and you may think you can’t afford to take your wive on a vacation but brotha, can’t afford not to.  Cancel cable, pack your lunch, or sell some stuff;  you can be in the Bahama’s every twelve months.

Q. We’re going to Disney World!  What do you think about THAT?

A. If any of those precious little people that you call your children are traveling with you, I think you’ll need another vacation after your ‘vacation.’  Family vacations are fantastic, but the special alone time with the wife has no substitute!

Q. Why are vacations just with my spouse so important?

A. Unplugging from distractions helps us to not only relax but reset the compass on our marriage and sharpen our creative edge.

Q. What about Staycations?

A. Staycations are GREAT, but not a substitute for getting away for a few days.  If your kids can get on their bikes and reach you within a day, you’re too close!

Where would you go if you had your choice?  Where would your bride want you to take her?

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