T is for “Team”


Dust and smoke seem to drown the battlefield for miles. Not the soot, or long dried wounds on your sweat-nasty body, nor the dirty grit between your teeth is uncomfortable anymore; not in this minute. Those were concerns before this hour and they may be in hours to come but not in THIS moment. You are a Spartan Warrior going to battle with men who would fight to the end with you and for you. No army in the world could compromise that rare devotion.

The fellow Spartan to your left, however, is dead set against wearing deodorant. Which is especially distasteful in the phalanx when his pit is all up in your grill. He says it makes him break out into hives.

Ten minutes ago you were like, “Dude, FOR THE LOVE.. Somebody!!”

And he was like “Bro, shut up! You don’t know!”

But this is not that time. Glory is knocking at the door and all ‘scent’ aside… NOTHING, not even death will keep you and your Spartan brothers from it!

Just because you and your wife are one flesh, it doesn’t mean you are going to see eye to eye on every issue. This should come to no surprise to those married for over a day. We are going to fight, and if we’re wise, learn how to fight more productively the longer we are married. We’ve already covered the fight topic but what goes along with it is how we commit to each other in the midst of a disagreement.

I always know Amy is on my team but it always helps me to hear the words, “I love you, and I am on your team!” Amy will say the same means the world to her when disputes arise.

Here are three good general rules of engagement when faced with differences of opinion or, heaven forbid, our beloved children that might seek to divide and conquer!

Rule #1 Resolution does not have to mean she agrees with your point of view. Nothing is more frustrating on both fronts in an argument when people feel that if they explain the matter clear enough the other person will see the light, agree, and all will be good. Brothers we got to be prepared to be ok if she just doesn’t jive with our line of sight.

Rule #2 Don’t fight in front of your kids or in public. Especially on matters pertaining to the children. You need to have a unified front even if that means you don’t get what you feel is right all the time. Kids smell weakness a mile away. Much of this can be avoided with “Your Mother and I will need to think about that.” Have your powwow and come back with your division. A good standard is that if it is important enough an issue for your wife then at least the her feeling on the matter should be important to you. Remember you are a Spartan Warrior!

Rule #3 Praise your wife publicly. Praising your Queen in the home, at work, or while hanging with the fellas will be an inspiration for others and will consistently kindle the fire in your marriage as well.

What are some other great ideas for establishing a solid team front with your wife?

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