Courtesy of the Brilliant Debbie Slawter, DS Photography:)

Courtesy of the brilliant Debbie Slawter, DS Photography

Definitely a rookie here, but a long time Creative.  I am blessed to be married to the greatest person that I’ve ever known.  I was in awe when God doubled down to intrust the two of us with a beautiful little girl.  Having grown up in a home of all boys… yeah, I’m a bit of a rookie at that too.  It feels like the adventure has barely begun, yet we’re overwhelmed by the joy and teaching that God has crammed into our story already.

I am a residential home designer & remodeler by trade- a reflection of my love to create, build, and bridge the connection between an idea and an influence.  I’d like to theme a variety of material here including: Truth & Inspiration, Marriage & Dad Stuff, & Creative Expression.

Thanks again for visiting, I look forward to connecting with you!


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