Q is for “Queen”



… love and crown my Queen daily.

If you have been reading any other articles in this series “Loving Your Wife From A-to-Z,” then you have probably noticed that often times I have shamelessly referred to Amy as my Queen. This is how it all started!

Out of all married couples to look up to, that of Pastor G & his wife have been such a great example for so many couples.

“Your chariot awaits my Queen,” Pastor G announces after he pulls up the car for his wife of over 50 years.

I remember another afternoon at the church when Mrs. G was talking to a group of girls about ‘what to look for an husband.’ Amy told me the story:

“Watch this,” Mrs. G said to the group of young women gathered together as she began to whistle a soft sweet tune. Barely seconds had expired before they heard Pastor G’s voice out in the hallway; he had abruptly moved on from the conversation that he was involved in.

“Is that my little love bird?” He asked before turning the corner into the room.

“I just wanted to tell you that I love you. Carry on,” she waved, fluttering her eyelashes at her man.

Amy and I loved the lesson impressed on us that day. As husbands, in any and all situations our wife is our V.I.P!  It was not in my nature to hear and tune into one voice or ‘whistle’ in a crowd while in a conversation elsewhere. But the attention that Pastor G had for his bride and how that appeared to make her feel was something I knew would be important to Amy too.

On the surface this could be taken a couple different ways to a lot of men. All sorts of phrases might be coming to mind like: “Man, you are whipped,” or all sorts of common derogatory phrases that are perhaps better never to leave the locker room!  The truth is that Pastor G is one of the most honored and respected men to walk through the doors of our church of several thousand.  Pastor G is a great man.  Next to God, He is a man who loves his Queen more than any other relationship on earth.  We are blessed that he was the one that married us years ago. I pray one day that I could be half the great man that Pastor G is.

To be honored it begins with giving it. Honor your Queen, gents, and she will love and honor you!

What do you do to honor your Queen?

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