O is for “Omit the Distractions”


A wise man once said:

Don’t tell me what you are adding, tell me what you are subtracting.”@EdYoung

We live in a Crave New World of communication and time-wasting technologies that are advancing exponentially at speeds that our world never dreamed possible.  From Fruit Ninja & Words With Friends to Email & ‘productivity apps’ sending every alert imaginable to make you maximize, heaven forbid, any extra time you may have left over in the day.  As my good friend Andy wrote earlier in a fantastic must read post, we’ve almost forgotten what it is actually like to be bored!

Here are 10 questions to help you determine if you might be too connected:

  1. Do you put your phone on the table when you go out to eat with your wife?
  2. When you forget your phone charger in the other car and your battery dies, are you tempted to stop into Best Buy to pick up yet another charger?
  3. Can you comfortably last 24 hours on your day off with out without accessing the internet for any reason?
  4. When was the last time the TV was off all day?
  5. Do you actually consider Klout as a reasonable standard to rate how cool you are among internet peers that you’ll never meet in person?
  6. Do you take electronic devices into the bathroom while you take care of business?
  7. Do your kids tell you to put down your phone?
  8. Does your 2 year old know how to use an iPhone?
  9. How many times in the past week did you and your family eat altogether at the same table with no TV or internet devices present?
  10. Do you have exceedingly more extracurricular activities with your kids than you do with your wife?

These are just a few examples of distractions that can suck the creative and intentional life out of a marriage.  Many of these are especially convicting for me, number eight may give you an idea of how connected I am!  Our minds are so soaked into Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and FourSquare that we sometimes have little left for who is supposed to be the Love of our life!  If we want our marriage to settle into mediocrity, thumb swipe away!  But if we want to Love our Wife to the most intimate depths, we need to begin omitting distractions that not only keep us at an arm’s length from our wife but from our God as well.  If a man isn’t loving his wife, fifty bucks says he’s not intimate with God either.  We could be moments away from derailing the deepest relationship with another person that we should have here on this earth, or maybe we are already there.

To get back on track is simple but it takes sacrifice and a modest amount of discipline.  You may have to choose between poker night with the fellas and the RedZone Channel all day Sunday.  Yup, you may actually have to wait until Monday to see how your fantasy football team did over the weekend.

This sacrifice gives so much more than it takes!  Get creative when you turn off all technology and think of an activity to do with your bride; puzzles, games, paint, whatever!  You and your wife will connect on more levels than ever before, and you both just might find more time on your hands for your own ‘extracurricular activities.’   Sure beats the heck out of fantasy football!  For more ideas on getting creative check out the earlier post on Busting Up Marital Monotony.  Please feel free post some ideas you may have too!!

What are some other distracts we face in this modern age?  What other things can we do to Omit Distractions?

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