N is for “Nearsighted”


As men, it is in our nature to protect our family; it’s Man Code.  We all have had the “good tough guy knocking out the disrespectful jerk scene” played out in front of the mirror.  Don’t lie, you know you’ve done it.  There’s a reason scenes just like it are written into just about every single romantic comedy ever made.  In fact, if you hadn’t air punched in front of the bathroom mirror at some point, your manhood might be in question.

Here’s another powerful Man Code:

Guard the love for your wife and your marriage.  We need to develop and maintain an ever present ‘nearsightedness’ in our marriages!

Everyone we talk to should know that we are married, especially those of the opposite sex.  In fact, if they ever were to meet our wives it should our goal for them to say to her, “Wow, I feel like I practically know you!”  Say you’re at a lunch meeting with a woman colleague, I’d say it’s good practice for your wife’s name to come up at least three times in conversation for every hour that you meet.  If we never talk about our wives, not only will we begin to feel disconnected in our marriage but others will get the same impression.  You may be wearing your ring, but it’s ain’t a force field (yet).  Just because you say you’d never have eyes for another woman, brothers, it can happen to ANYONE.  I’ve seen it happen to those that I’d never expect; honorable, good, even Christian marrieds have fallen pray to the slow slippery slope of farsightedness.

No one short of a marriage counselor or mutually entrusted friends should be the ear for our marital business.  We are married to begin with because we are romantic creatures.  Because we are wired this way, we desire connectivity.  Connectivity and bogus chemistry comes way too easy when we discuss troubling, personal, or deep spiritual things with others of the opposite sex.  How much more easily does this come when we feel disconnected with our spouse?!  This dangerous ground for any married and we’d be wise to steer clear while putting our nearsighted spectacles back on!  We will have happier, more satisfying marriages, and we may just inspire others to connect with their spouses on this deeper level in the process!

What are other creative ways that we can develop or maintain a nearsightedness for our bride?

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