L is for “Lovescape”



…promise to protect our marriage from unneeded stresses by preparing the Lovescape.

If we aren’t careful, our would be “Lovescape” at home can quickly turn into a “Please-let-me-escape!” A stressed out, worried, and overwhelmed household probably isn’t going to see a lot of romance in it. In fact it’s an environment that invites just more stress and worry. We are not able to, nor should we, control everything that brings negativity into our household. Thankfully though, there are several things that we can do to help to make our home a more positive and relaxing environment to better help our wives and ourselves to overcome the negatives we can’t control.

Here are just a few ideas on how to prepare the Lovescape at home:

  • Clean house! If your house has been as busy as ours, its easy to get way behind on basic upkeep. Dishes, laundry, random papers, and toys may be piling up. This can feel like an avalanche that you can’t dig your self out of. A quick non thorough clean can give motivation to be more thorough later. To get back on track, consider giving yourself permission to have one junk room for a predetermined amount of time. wether thats one day or one month, commit to it. Your master bedroom and bath should NEVER, I repeat NEVER, be a junk room. Your bedroom should be your sanctuary; of all rooms this should be treated as the most holy, uncluttered, and peaceful room of all! Something else to consider is to hire a cleaning or organizing service to help you get over the hump.  A great tip that we got from an old friend with dealing with all that piled up paperwork- When you are in a hurry, throw the papers in to a file labeled for the current month.  Just commit to a time to tackle and organize it for real!
  • Make sure you have a well defined financial plan together and that the goals are reasonably attainable and checked on regularly. Don’t strangle your budget so much that you choke the things out that are very important to you and you wife. Also, don’t be too frivolous causing your original plan to linger on for months and years beyond the goal dates you and your wife put your hearts on. Financial positions ver in this area. We’ll have more on this Monday!
  • Clean thoroughly, and update any needed maintenance on your your vehicles. One of the quickest and easiest ways to relieve a little unneeded tension in your lives is to take the cars in to be cleaned inside and out. You can clean them yourself too, but sometimes for 10 bucks more maybe have the pros do it! This would get you home to have that much desired quality time for the wife and you’d have two cars cleaned in the same time that it’d take you to clean one car half as clean as the pros got it!
  • Take the kids out, leaving your wife time for herself at home alone. Maybe surprise her with a home spa kit, foot cream, leg wraps, a soothing playlist that you made for just the occasion, and candles in your freshly cleaned master bath!
  • You know those update’s that your wife has been asking for? Or maybe its been a few repairs to some household items that are beginning to pile up on one another? Discuss and find a way to tackle them in stages or completely altogether. Make the plan and commit to it!

What are some other helpful ideas to prepare the Lovescape?

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