K is for Kindle the Flame



…commit to guard, inspire, encourage, and therefore, kindle the fire that the heart of my wife carries.


  1. Light or set on fire.
  2. Arouse or inspire (an emotion or feeling).

inflame – light – ignite – fire – enkindle – light up

No, we’re not talking about a handheld reading device.  We are talking about the thing that got us hitched to begin with.  What attracted you to that incredible woman?  What arouses or inspires your wife?  How do you reignite or keep that fire?  We may have a pretty good idea but we don’t really know until we ask.  Sometimes we may think that what arouses or inspires us is the very same thing that ignites the heart of our wife.  In some cases this might be true but, in any case lighting and keeping that flame lit is usually more of a Olympic Torch ceremony than it is a box of testosterone packed TNT.
Though this post is less about ‘arousal’ and more about building up and inspiring the most important woman in our lives, intimacy has much of its roots in the marathon to be conveyed.  You might have heard your wife say, “I’m an oven, not a microwave!”  And so she is!
Any man knows that you can’t just light a log to have a successful fire.  You build up to a good lasting flame by intentionally laying out and planning all of your differing sized kindling accordingly to build your fire to last.  You begin with small, dry, loose brush.  Then surrounding the brush with a teepee of twigs, you start adding larger twigs, then small to medium branches. Then a small spark gets it all going.  After the fire gets healthy and hot enough to add the logs, you can have a bonfire that can easily last for days as long as you tend to it.
Did you know that the life of the Olympic Flame begins months before the world event on the very site of the Ancient Greek Olympic Games?  Now most of you may have known that, but did you also know that it is not lit by a match, zippo, or ceremonial flame thrower, but super concentrated rays from the Sun aided by a parabolic mirror?  What’s even more interesting than that are those that carry out this intentional detail driven lighting of the torch.  A team of 11 women carry on the lighting ceremony, traditionally representative of the original Vestal Virgin Priestesses whose critical duty was to protect the sacred fire that was never allowed to burn out.
It shouldn’t take much to see how well we could identify such a flame to the hearts of our brides.  Treating our wives as common, can and will kill a flame.  Like the ancient greek Vestals the second most important duty in our home next to God is guarding the fire that lights the heart in the woman that He has entrusted us with.  Just as the flame is carefully and thoughtfully kindled for months and carried across the world to be lifted up the grand staircase, we are running the race through the end of our days always keeping a close eye on the heart of our bride.

What can help us not to treat our Wives as common?  What can we do to inspire and encourage our Wives today and everyday hereafter?

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