H is for “HandyMAN”



…commit to getting my hands dirty for the love and security of my wife and family.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard men say “I don’t have a handy bone in my body.” Brothers, I love you but World of Warcraft isn’t going to change your wife’s tire on the side of the freeway or keep you from hiring a plumber to tighten up the drain leak under the sink. We are MEN. We don’t pur, we ROAR!!

I’m not saying that you gotta have a custom chopper project in the garage to be a man, I’m just saying that there are certain fundamentals that every man should have a solid confidence in to handle minor maintenance issues for their queen.

Car maintenance is important for your wallet and therefor your marriage! I’m not talking repairing a tranny or even an oil change! Truth is its barely a savings and sometimes way cheaper these days to get your oil changed by the pros. But things like wiper blades, batteries, keeping up with scheduled maintenance are hardly handy but and will prolong keep the wife driving happy and safe! I’d recommend finding the manual and making a visit to the dealer service department that specializes in your model vehicle to discuss any specific quirks to safeguard from or to see if there are any current recalls.

For around the house we could have an entire blog devoted to just that! Might just tuck that away for the next A-Z Challenge! My dad taught me much of what I know but before you throw your hands up, let me just say that they weren’t always perfect solutions. His name is Jerry, but the correct spelling of the phrase is ‘Jury Rig.’ Jury rigging, referring to the makeshifting or temporary fixes with materials or tools that a man’s just got laying around, the phrase was originally a nautical term. On sailing ships it meant to improvise a replacement mast if it were damaged. Still, I couldn’t help but to wonder if my dad may had been a skipper in his earlier days. Everyman should take to his share of a good improvised SAFE fix from time to time. I once made a replacement ‘flapper’ for our dog door out of an old plastic mat we had lying around. Replacement flappers were a special order $60-70 item and as tight as we were at the time we needed that $65 for more important things like keeping the lights on!

I google just about every car or home repair item before I pay anyone to do the job just to see if I might be able to handle it. The latest was replacing the heating elements on our water heater. About $50 in parts did the job. To call a plumber for servicing or replacing the unit altogether would have cost on average between $350-$800! With all the step by step videos out there, becoming a handy hubby is easier than ever before.

Like anything it’s stepping out of your comfort zone and it can be difficult at first but chances are you have a buddy that’d be happy to assist if need be. What better excuse to get together as your wives witness their studs taking matters into their own hands. Don’t be surprised if you might be caught saying something like,

Pardon me while I pull this giant lion mane from my face.

That being said don’t ever be the guy that never asks for help! You might just end up tripping all over that pride and masculine mane of yours!

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