D is for “Date Your Mate”



… promise to date my bride regularly and creatively.

Our Pastor has been known to say,

“What you did to get her is what you need to do to keep her!”

How common is the tale of the super romantic stud that somehow loses all creative brain cells after the honeymoon?  We were the storybook Fabio that planned the 3-part date day consisting of a boat ride across the lake to a surprise picnic on a secluded peninsula followed up with a cup o joe local “lesser known but way cooler” coffee shop in town.  Now your bride might be lucky to get dinner and a movie.

This may not apply to all who may be reading this post.  In fact, if this isn’t you then help some brothers out and share with us some of your creative dating ideas!  If, on the other hand, your idea of ‘Date Night’ is February 14th, read on.

Let me encourage you guys for just a moment and take a bit of the pressure off.  If you ask her to go out with you, more than likely she’s going to say “Yes!”

I’ve fallen short on this from time to time due to plans we’ve made outside the household, kid stuff, and other reasonable conflicts that in short, should all take a far backseat to asking that amazing women on a date!  Maybe you’re like me and don’t intend to go so long without, but ‘life just happens.’  Or, maybe your thinking the entertainment budget just doesn’t allow for it.  Our pastor and his wife, two of the wisest people we have ever had the honor to know and learn from, would say:

Sometimes you have to say no to GOOD things in order to say yes to the GREAT things.


You can’t afford not to!!

DatedaycalendarAnticipation is key! My wife loves to have a few hints or know if we have tickets to something that’s happening a week away.  Knowing in advance changes her entire work week when she gets to count down the days and have something to be excited about as date night approaches.

Can you get too creative?  I once planned what I thought was an out-of-the-box date idea; sure be an endless plethera of fun.  On the relatively short drive to the destination of creative glory, she gave her best guesses as to what cool creative place I could possibly have in store! It was a game we often played on date nights.  I had her totally stumped! She never guessed it until we pulled in front of the building and swung the double doors open to… Let’s just say the purse never hit the floor.  Evidently, the HD Video Golf Simulator was not Amy’s idea of a romantically fun date. She actually began looking around the room, seeing if she could spot any of my friends, wondering if she had just mistakenly interrupted a man night.


Take risks but get her pulse on the plan!  Recently, I had the idea of a date themed Something Manly, Something Crafty. I knew I had to get her pulse on it. I’ve been wanted to teach Amy how to shoot a gun, and she’s told me on occasion that she’d like to learn.  I mentioned the idea to Amy, and she loved it!  I fully expect that after shooting at the range, I will have my trigger finger on a hot glue gun getting in touch with my crafty side!  Can you hot glue bullets?

What are some creative date ideas that you’ve had
the most fun with or would love to do?

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