B is for “Bust Up Marital Monotony!”

Busting Up Marital Monotony

May your fountain be blessed,
and may you rejoice in the wife of your youth. (Proverbs 5:18)


…cherish my wife and will never treat her or her heart as common or ordinary.

In a rut? Want to avoid a rut? There are countless of creative ideas out there on how to change things up but here are just a few.

10 Ways to Bust Up Marital Monotony:

1. Call in the middle of the day just to see how she’s doing, the more days out of the week the better! Give special attention to the stressful, boring, or arduous seasons in her place of employment or at home if she doesn’t work.

2. Vacation! Our Pastor and christian counselor highly recommend, and almost order, at least one vacation a year without (yes, WITHOUT) the kids! Leave the kids with Grandma, Aunt Rita, the dog, whoever, but do NOT allow single dependent to be seen with you unless its via Skype or FaceTime! You may be crunching numbers in your head right now but as these wise men have said- brother, “You can’t afford NOT to!!”

4. Write a poem or a song, and it doesn’t even have to be good. In fact, sometimes the worse serenading cartoonthe prose the brighter the rose! (Ok, I just made that up but you get the idea) She’ll love you and give you an A+ for making the effort.

5. Hand deliver flowers to her work or where she spends her time outside of the home. This is an oldie but a goodie. Making it known to those around her that she is loved and cherished by her man will make her feel like a queen. Hand deliver whether to receptionist or to her directly. Let’s be real, ordering flowers online is nice but not as personal, and dang have you seen the markup on those things? Do they water those plants with liquid gold?? Now your feelin’ me…

6. You know that ‘man chair’ where you put your feet up and pass out almost every night? Lose it for a week. In fact, commit to going to bed at the same time and in the same bed with your wife more days out of the week than not. You are the only one that that gets to sleep with that fine, amazing woman! What are you thinking? A great woman gives and means a whole lot more than the last couple innings of a baseball game. Besides, there’s this new invention thing called a DVR… Owning one should be man law.

7. Take care of you. Work out, run, get your wig split, pluck those eye brows or ear hairs she’s been commenting on for the last 10 years. If you are intentional about taking care of yourself you’d be surprised how motivated you’d also be about taking care of your marriage. Besides, she might not say it but she likes the guns.

8. Do what she do! Whatever tasks that she may usually do around the house, surprise her by choresdoing it for her while she is out. Put the kids to work on the top secret mission. You’re wife will love you for it and your kids will see what that special kinda love looks like!  Do what she like! You know that trip to Hobby Lobby that she’s taking alone since her sister is out of town? Offer to take her & surprise her with your willing hands at something crafty. I’m not saying you need to get a pinterest account or anything. Trust me, your man card is safe if it means romancing and serving your queen!

9. Discuss family goals and desires, discuss HER goals and desires. What are steps you as a family could prayerfully take to get you there? What new patterns might be forged in this adventure?

10. If you are not serving at your local church START! Serve together! If you do serve regularly great! Our Pastor often says “If you’re not serving, you’re swerving!” Serve someone else together- a neighbor, soup kitchen, a couple you might sit next to at the snow cone stand. Reaching out together keeps your house in perspective and keeps you inline with God’s heart and plan for your life.

Man, if you can make ideas like these consistent in your marriage, you will move from a marriage of monotonous commonality to a marriage of the utmost creatively romantic fidelity that will not only bless you and your wife but your children as well.

Oh and uh… don’t be surprised if she puts the kids to bed early!!

See you tomorrow for the next topic
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