A to Z April Writing Challenge

Blog chaul boardI’ve always loved writing, but I had never been a writer.

Yet, putting pen to paper or hands to a keyboard leads me to see life, people, and ideas much more clearly than perhaps a living moment could ever fully render.  I am forced to unpack the world around me to gain a higher perspective; to see better, to be better.  Still, If you struggle like I do in making the time to be consistent in creative expression, then something like The A-Z Writer’s Challenge might scare the bleeping crud out of you.

Writing and posting almost everyday for a whole month?


And people who know you signed up are watching to see if you do?

You betcha.

So, the challenge set out to the writer is to post a blog six days a week for the entire month of April. Committing to a specific theme is optional, but the idea is that the order of the posts would run with the letters of the Alphabet, A-Z.  For example, a post on April 1st might be “Apple Orchards in New England.”  April 2, for B, could feature “How to Cook a Brisket.” And so forth, until April 30th’s blog on “Zena Warrior Princess in the Octagon vs. She-Ra & Katniss Everdeen.”  The Sky is the limit and there are already over 500 writers registered.

I cannot deny what a fantastic opportunity that this is for growth, as well as discovering new interesting works, and meeting other writers.  I am totally stoked!  If you are too and if you would be interested jumping in with me be sure to visit the A to Z site to sign up!  Oh, and definitely let me know if you do, I love connecting with other creatives.

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